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My First LEGO Creation (Kind Of)

TL;DR While building a LEGO space ship I had the idea to develop a random LEGO mix generator.

The LEGO Galactic Peacekeeper (6886-1) is possibly my favorite set of all time. I owned it once, lost it due to a tragic incident and now acquired it again - twice.

While rebuilding it after what must be more than two decades the space ship reimpressed me with some clever techniques like centering the flat, blue three-pin brick right behind the cockpit, or making the prison cell pluggable.


After finishing it I started fearing that maybe I had lost something more valuable along with my old LEGO: my creativity.

When I tried thinking about what to build next, I was drawing a blank. In a moment of foolish naiveté I started searching the web for some MOCs (I actually had to look that one up), and by sheer bad luck found some.
They (like the giant hawk of Donwarr) were impressive enough to actually discouraging me from even trying to build something on my own.

So I decided to stay in The Dark Ages a little while longer and went back to my day job but somehow kept thinking about LEGO.

I had read somewhere that to be creative I should try limiting my means of expression, or at least the number of possible first steps. Maybe I should just grab a handful of LEGO and start building with it. This approach had the additional benefit of not having to sort my bricks first.

Being a programmer I immediately started thinking about the problems of the manual approach. It is not that easy to grab a truly random hand of LEGO. It is even harder for people that keep their LEGO organized.

Long story short: in the end I got diverted from building my first MOC AD (after The Dark Ages) again and instead built, a random LEGO part mix generator. It is kind of a MOC. At least, it is using a lot of LEGO parts.

Tue Mar 21, 2017